Behind the Screens: A Tribute To the Seniors

Behind the Screens: A Tribute To the Seniors

Chastity Frazier, Staff Writer

Deep in the halls of Keller High School lies a room with twenty-nine Apple MacBook computers, thirty-four chairs, and an interesting group of writers.

Room 1106 holds more than just two moron best friends who dated the same guy and two star-crossed lovers; it holds nine dedicated seniors who are seeing the end to an amazing year on The Wigwam. These seniors have dedicated many days and nights to writing impactful stories, stories that have their blood, sweat, and tears mixed in.

In exactly twelve days the seniors will have graduated and we fellow junior and sophomore writers will be left in the cold, all alone. And that’s why I have decided to get one last quote from every senior so they live on forever in Wigwam infamy.

Haley Goodman, Editor-in-Chief and Social Media Editor: “Throw some perm on your attitude.”

Jacob Mitchell, Wanna Be Editor-in-Chief: “That was live.”

Michelle Mirza, Editorials/Two Cents & That’s Rad Editor: “My eyes may be small but my future is big.”

Megan Mousaw, Online Editor: “I aspire to be like Michael Scott everyday.”

Mackenzie Tomlinson, Spotlight Editor and first winner of Biehl of Fortune: “Sometimes you have to work a little…so you can ball a lot.”

Sam Mohr, Culture Editor and second winner of Biehl of Fortune: “The worst part about high school was the Dementors.”

Armando Tellez, peasant: “maximum effort.”

Audrey Cook, Managing Editor: “I bought a fish for $19 with the first Biehl of Fortune winner and named it Marco Rubio. He’s still alive.”

Jack Pittman-Heglund, newbie: “I’m finna yeet.”