Power to the Peeps!

Power to the Peeps!

Jamie Hoover, Staff Writer

With Easter approaching that can only mean one thing…Peeps are back! Personally, when I think of Easter the first sweet that comes to mind are Peeps. Although, I am not a huge fan of them, many people really enjoy marshmallow covered bunnies.

Just out of curiosity, I started researching about Peeps and found out a lot of pretty interesting things. To begin with, Peeps has their own website. It never occurred to me that you could order Peeps online, but let me tell you, peep-le, this company does not mess around. Everything you can think of with a Peep on it is on this website. They have headphones, candles, clothes, cups, dog toys, pillows, stuffed toys, and to top it all off, a hand sculpted glass Peep. All of these items range from 75 cents to $100. It’s pretty entertaining to look through their products, because I would have never thought they made anything other than sweet treats.

Another weird but interesting thing I discovered is the abundance of Peep flavors there are. I was so surprised to learn that Peeps offers more than just your ordinary green, purple, blue, pink and yellow flavors. Here are just a few of the many flavors:

-caramel apple

-fruit punch

-cherry limeade

-candy corn

-chocolate dipped

-hot cocoa and creme

Peeps take their flavors very seriously and try to offer a new flavor every year. I’ve never tried these flavors but from the title and the looks of them they seem very appetizing. Although they have lots of flavors the yellow Peep is still most popular.

Now onto some interesting facts. While I was researching about Peeps, some pretty cool things came up. To begin with, there is an actual Peeps store that exists. The store is located in Maryland and even has a car with a huge yellow Peep on top. Another fact I came across was that a single peep used to take close to 30 hours to make. Now with advanced technology a single peep only takes about 7 minutes. Another really random fact is that on New Year’s Eve a huge peep is dropped in Bethlehem. So, instead of dropping the ball in NYC, Bethlehem drops a large peep. Lastly, some of you may know this but there are peeps contests. Every year people create extravagant displays depicting events, tv shows, people and even animals out of peeps. These creations are really impressive and I highly recommend checking them out!