Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

Every student knows the feeling of dread when tasked with yet another paper or assignment at the end of the year. Simply, put most students (including me) run out of steam before school lets out and find it difficult to find the motivation to finish out the school year strong. If you’re faced with this same dilemma, read on for my take on this issue, and what to do about it.

We need to first understand the problem and why it’s such a big deal. For many students, the lack of motivation stems from procrastination or poor study habits to begin with. It makes focusing and minimizing homework a lot harder than it might be. Granted, procrastination isn’t always the culprit. Another issue that plays hand in and with no motivation is the sheer amount of homework, tests, quizzes, and projects handed out throughout the year. Good study habits can only do so much. Because these are so widespread (if you can’t relate from at least one of these, I guarantee you know someone who does) it’s a very relatable topic.

Since it has been established that there are many possible factors that influence lack of motivation, there are also many solutions. I know it’s the end of the year, and your daily routine can seem like a chore now, but don’t let that sway your drive to finish the year strong. My tip is to incorporate something that you look forward to every day that makes the day easier and more fun. Whether it’s finally finishing a book or watching an episode of your favorite TV show, there are endless possibilities. When it comes to schoolwork, I’d set up a set work time that allows for all work to be done without staying up too late. It also helps to try and work on homework if you have extra time during class, or if you have an off-period during the day.  

I’d like to share one of my favorite mantras: this too, shall pass. No matter what the problem, or lack of motivation, it will eventually end. Until then, use these tips and life advice to help get through the end of the semester, and finish strong!