Easter Crafts


Natalie Hornbaker, Staff Writer

This year make Easter the best you have ever had! Simply take time out of your day to build easy and cute decorations!

  • Spring Bunnies Gumball Machine

By using an upside down flower pot and an empty candy jar, you can quickly and easily create the look of a gumball machine with a cute Easter scene inside. 

  • Peep Houses

Just like a gingerbread house, you can construct a house made of graham crackers and any other ingredients you would like and then insert Peeps Marshmallows inside the house. These Peep Houses are adorable and fun to make and make a great decoration or sweet snack.

  • Hatching Hard Boiled Eggs

By peeling hard boiled eggs and creatively cutting carrots, you can create a unique decoration that resembles a hatching chick.

  • Peeps Wreath

For a colorful Easter decoration you can use toothpicks to pin Peeps down to a styrofoam wreath. This craft lights up any room and looks really tasty.

  • Confetti Eggs

You can not have a successful Easter without confetti eggs! By carefully puncturing the top of the egg with a sharp object and filling the eggs with confetti, you have made a cute and fun craft that will be sure to cause a lot of laughter.

  • Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

Instead of the usual neon dyed eggs, this year stand out by being creative and dyeing your eggs with patterned silk ties.

  • Jelly Bean Tree

By gluing jelly beans to the ends of branches you create a simple jelly bean tree that is sure to turn heads and looks almost as cute as it does delicious.