Easter Around The World


Sandra Decaigny, Staff Writer

To some Easter is a time to indulge in overpriced chocolate bunnies. A time to kick one’s haggard feet up and relax for a long weekend. Yet to many Easter weekend holds more value, more meaning, and more worth than any other day. Easter is a time for old things to become new. The curtain was torn,  the stone rolled away, the tomb was empty. Easter is the hope humanity needs to rise out of bed. Here is how countries around the world celebrate Easter.

Easter in England

In England, Easter is celebrated through the artful creation of  Easter eggs. Individuals decorate them and give them to others. These eggs can be made of chocolate, boiled, or filled with other treats.

Easter in Mexico

Semana Santa is a week-long celebration leading up to Easter. How individuals celebrate this holiday varies depending on which region of Mexico one is in. Pascua is another week long celebration from the period from the Resurrection Sunday to the following Saturday.

Easter in US

Easter in US is full of creepy colorful bunnies and grossly over priced chocolate in odd spring shapes. Peeps is a marshmallow coated in colored sugar. To be honest, I have always thought these things cute, but inedible.

Easter in Brazil

Due to Brazil being in the southern part of the hemisphere they celebrate Easter in autumn. So unlike in America where Easter enlisted color schemes are pastels, such as pale yellows and blues.

Easter in India 

India is a country where only about three percent of the total population is Christian. Surprisingly they still celebrate Easter.

Easter in Russia

Russia has a large population of Eastern Orthodox Christians and a very large population of western Christians, which leads Russia to celebrates Easter in both ways.

Easter in Israel

Israel, maybe the single most important country in the world. The home of the Wailing Wall,the mount in which Jesus Christ was crucified, and the home of the empty tomb. Thousands of tourists travel from across the world to Israel to celebrate Easter in the Holy Land of Jerusalem. Holy fire lights and candles symbolize the resurrection of Jesus and are lit from all over the city.

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