Spring Outfit Ideas


Samantha Mohr, Culture Editor

Currently, Texas is transitioning into the spring season. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and temperatures are rising. Thankfully, with this season comes ample opportunity for cute outfits. Here follows a list of trendy spring clothes to try on this season.

  • Stripes

Any kind of stripes will do. If you are looking for a bolder look, maybe try some striped pants.

  • Khakis

While normally people try to stray from this style, it is seeing some love in the fashion industry. Try pairing this style with pinks and reds for a daring look.

  • Yellow

This color is very happy and springy. Try finding a yellow that complements your skin tone and rock it this season.

  • Shoulder Cut Outs

This style is currently all the rage. Look for a cute top with a floral print and pair it with some neutral jeans and have a ball

I hope this guide was helpful, and you are able to find something you like. Happy shopping!