Most Popular Spring Break Destinations

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

Spring break is a popular time to travel and vacation, meaning there are certain places around the world that get more tourists than others. If you’re looking for a fun place to relax, or you simply want to plan a place to vacation, here are the top Spring Break destinations. Don’t forget; these places can be visited year-round, so feel free to explore whenever you want!

Not surprisingly, Cancun, Mexico, is one of the most popular places to vacation. Their beautiful beaches and nice hotels are some of the most appealing reasons it’s such a big hit. Also, the weather is almost always sunny, meaning unlike vacationing in the mountains, it will actually feel like spring. Due to it’s popularity, the price of vacationing in Cancun has also risen, so don’t expect to vacation there cheap. Overall, Cancun is a beautiful place with breathtaking beaches to have fun and de-stress, which means it’s naturally one of the best spring break destinations in North America.

If you don’t want to travel outside the United States, look no further than South Padre Islands in Texas. It’s local, and therefore more affordable than Cancun. Similar to Cancun, it boasts the same beautiful beaches and friendly staffed hotels. The main emphasis there is the many festivals or concerts situated on the beach, so if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, the South Padre Islands may not be for you. It is, however, ideal for those who are looking to simply have fun during their time off from school or work. No matter where you go in South Padre, there will be something exciting happening. You can’t go wrong with vacationing to the South Padre Islands.

If warm weather is not for you, Bend, Oregon may be the perfect spot. The most popular activity to keep you entertained is snowboarding and skiing, but relaxing by the fire is another option that is guaranteed to keep you warm. Even though spring break is meant to be all about embracing the warmer weather, holding onto the cold just a week or two longer can be fun as well, especially when Texas and other warm states haven’t had any real snow. The nature and beautiful trees are a big selling point as well, so if you can tough out the cold, you could witness some really pretty scenery.

I hope this run-down of the best spring break destinations has been helpful to those indecisive about where to vacation. Remember, these spots can be visited anytime, so don’t narrow these down to just spring break.