Valentine’s Day Without a Valentine

Kate Romano, Staff Writer

February 14th, the day that’s meant for spoiling your significant other to extremes; or to people like me, it’s just a Tuesday. It’s up to you whether you spend this Tuesday with a collection of Nicholas Sparks movies and ice cream or getting with a group of friends to get your minds off of your mutual hatred for the holiday. Here are some options for my single people out there, stay strong.

  • Binge watch your favorite movie series with your best friend
  • Find a good group of friends and treat yourselves to a nice dinner
  • Cuddle your dog, cat, or parrot while watching your favorite romantic comedy
  • Go see the new scary movie Rings with a best friend
  • Binge watch your favorite Netflix series
  • Try out a new recipe
  • Order a pizza, wrap yourself in a blanket and read your favorite novel
  • Have a spa night! Run a warm bath, light some candles, and play a soothing playlist
  • Treat yourself! Grab your best friend, get your nails done and go out to get your favorite dessert