Business is Booming!

Matt Sweren, Staff Writer

The stock market is a ever changing circuit of money. Deciding in a company to invest in can be one of the riskiest things you could ever do. It can also be super beneficial to financial success if you pick the right company to invest in.

Here are some hot stocks from the past month that could be beneficial to invest in.

Apple- Apple has been slowly climbing up the stock wall, having hit its 52 week high

just last week. Investors have been happy with the way it is performing as it will continue to rise due to the anticipation of the new crazy model of the iPhone 8.

One month low- $116.02

One  month high- $121.95

Change- 5.69%

Facebook – FaceBook has had a giant boom going up almost 20% in the last month. There must be a boom in ad’s and in app purchases which would make their stock go up by a significant value.

One month low- $116.86

One month high- $133.33

Change – $116.37

Arconic Inc.- A company that took some huge losses from the last 2 years with going from above a 35 dollar high in 2015 is making a small comeback in 2017 going up 11% the last month from a really low month.

One month low-18.64

One month high- 25.50

Change- 11.12%