Being a New Student Senior Year

Jack Pittman-Heglund, Staff Writer

From seventh grade up until my junior year, I attended Westlake Academy. Westlake is a very small school and has only about 70 kids per grade. Westlake encompasses grade levels from kindergarten all the way to twelfth grade, so students develop close friendships with their classmates. Westlake is also a college preparatory school and holds its students to very high expectations, so the level of work is very difficult. If you are dedicated and hardworking then you should be able to make it out alive, but like a vast majority of high schoolers, I am neither of those things.

In my time as a student at Westlake Academy I was a C student and barely passed most of my classes. Me barely passing most of my classes can be attributed to the level of work and my tendencies to put forth minimal effort. Spanish has always been a area of struggle for me, and because Westlake is a international baccalaureate or “IB” school they have different requirements to graduate regarding foreign languages. Long story short, I failed Spanish junior year, and since the Spanish classes are so specialized and we had so few students in our grade, the school did not offer the course in the summer. Because the course was not available in the summer, the administration at Westlake and I had to go over some options for me to graduate. There were two options I could choose. Either A: I attend Westlake my senior year and take two Spanish classes along with other very difficult courses and make my life for the next school year a living hell, or B: I transfer to Keller where I only know a couple people but the coursework is much easier. Previously, my parents were pretty adamant about me staying at Westlake because it’s a great school and a unique opportunity for me to receive a higher level of education than most high schoolers. As I mentioned earlier, I have a slight tendency to be a bit of a slacker, so when my parents gave me the option of leaving Westlake to go to Keller, I took it.

I have always been pretty outgoing and sociable person so I didn’t think making friends would be that much of a problem for me, and thankfully I had already known a few people so it wasn’t like I was going to be completely alone. When I had first gotten to Keller it was honestly a scary and simultaneously exciting experience. Now that I’ve gotten accustomed to things at Keller and have made more friends i’m really enjoying things here. Although I really did not have that much of an option I think coming to Keller was the correct move academically.