Trends Of 2016

Makenzy Bozosi, Staff Writer

Let’s take a recap on some trends of 2016.

Chokers – necklaces that go around your neck tightly

Suede – a type of material commonly seen on boots or high skirts

Button-up skirts – many teen girls wore them

Over knee boots – mostly suede material and sometimes worn with high skirts

Dabbing – a dance motion where you look down into a bent elbow and put the other arm out straight

Water bottle flip – game where the objective is to flip a ¾ empty water bottle and land it on the bottom.

Juju on that beat – a dance that was choreographed to the song “Juju on That Beat” similar to chacha slide or soulja boy aka superman

Meme – pictures that can go with lots of funny sayings

Harambe – a gorilla who was shot and killed but lots of people said “Do it for Harambe” as motivation; was also a meme

Highlighter – a type of makeup place on a girls cheek bones; the more the more glow and the better

Rain drop drop top – lyrics to the song “Bad and Boujee” but people liked to use it and make their own funny rhymes

Mannequin – performed to the song “Black Beatles” and it’s an internet challenge where people freeze until the chorus comes then they go crazy

Yeezys – a type of shoes

Views  – famous album by Drake

Lemonade -famous album by Beyonce

Trump – the new President of the United States