Summer Time Madness

Summer Time Madness

Sandra Decaigny and Emily Semlow

The smell of Christmas cookies has vanished. Christmas lights have been put away. School is back in, winter is coming to an end; yet we do not miss it. We do not miss the cold, wet weather that hangs in the air like a wet rag, we do not like wearing twenty layers to go outside. What is missed is the freedom winter brings: Time off from school,  singing whenever you want and not being judged, eating incredible amounts of food without guilt. The next time we students will feel that kind of freedom again is spring break. When the sun is out, when tanks are wearable, when tans occur from just going to the grocery store. Just as swiftly as Christmas came so did spring fever set in.

If you experience extreme depression just from the idea of the cold, wear tank tops when it is sixty, put on an extreme amount of bronzer so that NASA can see your glow, then you might have spring fever.

While it is not quite time to count down yet, we all know that our internal clocks have already started. Basically, the second half of the school year is a waste for most of us that daydream about ditching our coats and boots and trading them in for swimsuits and shorts.

No matter what year of high school you are in, we all can relate to this feeling. It is just a matter of time until spring break comes around. Until then let’s be grateful that we live in Texas where spring comes sooner. Stay BE-YOU-TI-FUL!