Striving for Perfection

Cindy Ciotta, Staff Writer/Broadcast Journalism

With the new year beginning, most people decide on New Year’s resolutions. A resolution is good thing since everyone has room for improvement. Even though New Years is probably the most popular time to make an official goal, people set them everyday.

For most students, the everyday goal is all A’s. Also to an extent everyone has a goal for their social life too; and most people have a goal for their weight, for their job, a sport or other hobby outside of school. I could really go on forever. And although goals are good to have, at  times people can’t seem to realize the difference between achieving excellence and perfection. Surprise, no one is perfect. I think that’s why we end up disappointing ourselves when we expect ourselves to be something unrealistic.

Maybe this is why we all hear the word “stress” twenty times a day; we’re stressed about that one 99 in the grade book, or that one B. We’re stressed over that one piece of hair that keeps coming out of place. Or that one part of your body you don’t like. Or stressed about acting awkward or about what people think of you. We’re stressed over trying to be perfect all the time.

It’s easier than ever in the world today to feel the need for perfection in every single aspect. All you have to do is open your phone… How many times have you been on social media and started to compare yourself to other people? Or thought, “If only I had her clothes”, or “her body, or “those friends”, “this many followers” or “this amount of likes”? We’ve all had this moment once before. So many times we feel like we need to be just one particular way, and if we don’t it’s suddenly the end of the world and we’re just going to die from our loathing un-coolness since we aren’t a certain way. (Okay of course this is an over exaggeration, but hey, it’s an over exaggeration to ever think you have to change yourself to be like someone else)

We compare ourselves to others so much when really everyone is so different from each other. If you’re always trying to copy your life off of someone else’s you will never measure up, because it’s not you. I’m not saying you can’t like the same things as other people, but what I am saying is that constantly comparing yourself will only tear you down.

Yes, everyone should try their best to reach their goals, but the the difference is if you’re beating yourself up for doing your best. If you’re doing your best then there’s no need to worry yourself so much with other people’s opinions are of you, or to strive to reach the standard of perfection media sends out.  You don’t have to be “perfect” to have acceptance or be happy. Your peers will come and go, but you’re with yourself your whole life. So, might as well just be happy with you.