Christmas Cookie Throw Down


Emily Semlow and Sandra Decaigny

Now that the “most wonderful time of the year,” is here. It is finally the appropriate time to mention the “C” word and start binging on your favorite cookies. It’s the time of season to get down to business and bring up one of the most iconic aspects of Christmas….


Whether you’re a classic sugar cookie or a spicy ginger snap, everybody has their favorite cookie.

Here’s ours:

Apple pie cookies:

Though these are a little more fall, there’s never an occasion where you can reject pie. Especially in cookie form. With the gooey texture of a cookie and soft caramel filling of pie, these offer a perfect balance of tart and sweet. They will light up your taste buds like a Christmas tree.

Snowmen cookies:

These delicious, sugar cookie like dessert can add a whole new element to your holiday season. Every Christmas Eve, as a tradition, snowmen cookies offer a fun tradition of building your own snowman, which every child thinks of when Christmas enters their mind, after the neatly wrapped presents and what they could possibly hold of course. Making these cookies has the fun of building snowmen while eliminating the wet, cold feeling you get after playing in the snow, plus you get something to eat afterwards.

Sugar cookies

A classic, one your mom must have made countless times for you growing up. whether it was the frosted ones you receive upon a classmates birthdate or the small ones you receive for samples upon a grocery store trip. We have upon many times have tried to create sugar cookies. Yet we have come to notice there are some terrible recipes on the world wide web. One time a student created a sugar cookie that tasted more like movie theater popcorn then the sugary treat. Down below is the perfect recipe for that lover of the classics and is great pair with homemade frosting decor.

Linked is a recipe to a sugar cookie and remember, if you ever receive a terrible dough that is to buttery just add up to a fourth cup of flour and a few dashes of vanilla, and  that should help!


Sounds like you baked a Snickers bar with a poodle. Well false. Snickerdoodles are basically a sugar cookie dough coated in a cinnamon sugar mixture. Anyone else hearing that Lizzie McGuire song as they read that…”This is what dreams are made of!”

These cookies are always a crowd pleaser. Below is a link to a snickerdoodle recipe

Christmas Bells are ringing out. Hanukkah candles are being lite. It is the season of giving. It is the season of gratitude. A gift so simple as a pack of cookies can mean so much. So this holiday season instead of worrying about getting gifts to your friends from the mall the leaves your wallet empty give the gift of love. Nothing compares to knowing one of your friends took the time to bake cookies and then wrapped them up. Just for fun add a card telling them why you like them. They will surely smile. Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Holidays!!!