Working Black Friday and the Holiday Season

Megan Mousaw, Online Editor

My alarm went off at 4 o’clock in the morning on Black Friday, and it was the worst feeling ever. And what was worse is that I knew I had to get up to leave by 4:40 to get to work in time for my 5 a.m. shift. I pushed myself out of bed, and prepared myself (physically and emotionally) for my longest day ever.

With every year that passes, Black Friday seems to get crazier and busier, to the point where people are leaving their Thanksgiving dinner to get in line for those 6 p.m. doorbusters. And on Black Friday, people are out at early hours of the morning, scoping out the best deals. The stores fuel the Black Friday shopping, with some stores staying open all Thanksgiving night until Friday night, or just opening very early.

But behind all the madness of Black Friday shopping and the crazy customers, are the employees of all these stores. Most high school students have a job, and most of us were probably working tirelessly on Black Friday. For me, I was in a small clothing store for 6-14 year old girls from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m., helping parents, grandparents who had no idea what to get their granddaughter, and the browsing aunts and uncles looking for the perfect gift.

Black Friday, and the holiday season in general, is definitely chaotic behind the counter. While you do have your nice and friendly customers, you have the customers that are out to ruin your day and make you feel horrible about your work ethic. Not everyone in the retail world is nice, especially on Black Friday. Anything can offset a customer, like when you don’t have their size or the certain color they want in stock, or if something they really want isn’t on sale, or if there are no coupons they can use on their purchase.  The holiday season, though the happiest time of the year, and turn into the craziest time of the year with the rushing around to buy everyone’s presents and the long lines at the stores.

When you are shopping this holiday season (and all the holiday seasons to come), remember to be patient and kind to the people working. The people working those crazy holiday hours have to do the same thing you have to do, from buying presents for family and friends to having to work endless holiday hours and running low on sleep and energy. And if you are working this busy holiday season, stay focused and make sure you have a lot of energy to get through the working and shopping of the season.