The Best Time of Year

Cindy Ciotta, Broadcast Journalism, Staff Writer

    Christmas… It’s known for being “the most wonderful time of the year”. How did this phrase come to be true to everyone? Just like the song says, there’s parties, there’s snow, there’s great classic songs dedicated just to this holiday, and so much more. From people’s Christmas tree in their home, to the lit up cities and towns from the lights and the wreaths, it’s clear why Christmas is the only holiday which is also called a “season”. And it truly is season with all that goes into it…

    I get thrilled when I see the changes beginning to be made for the holiday, such as store decorations in red and green and candy cane patterned signs, and even the annoying junk mail that says “Christmas Sale”, or “Holiday savings”, whatever it may be. It’s exciting, suddenly everything around us changes! The weather gets colder, our clothes get warmer, and our drinks get even hotter! (I’m talking about you, hot cocoa)

Another thing I love about this season is the movies. Elf, The Grinch, Home Alone… There’s so many awesome movies that you can watch year after year and they never get old.

And let’s not forget about making Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses. Not only do these seasonal treats taste great, but they are super fun to make and give a warm, and cheery feeling inside when eating them. I mean, that’s how Christmas feels- warm and cheery. 

Aside from the great food, family comes together, which is a good thing, even if there is a little drama here and there. Plus, the obvious one: presents. There’s the curiosity of what gift is tucked inside the wrapping paper, and joy of receive something new (if it’s a good gift). And of course, it’s even more fun to give presents to other people. How anyone could be a scrooge, I’ll never understand.

I think a big reason Christmas is so many people’s favorite time of year is because it overall is a very happy season. Some may even argue it’s the happiest..  In the meantime on our countdown till the twenty-fifth , listen to some Christmas music, make cookies, watch a couple Christmas movies, and embrace the best holiday season that ever came to be 😉