Not Everything is Bigger in Texas, like the Holiday Spirit

Haley Goodman, Editor-in-Chief

I’ve only lived in Texas for half of my life but I’ve learned that not everything is bigger in Texas, such as the holiday spirit. Here is what I’ve missed out on every holiday season since I’ve moved here.

  • Leaves changing colors! In most places, it basically goes from green to brown to gone.
  • The cozy winter wardrobe. For example, winter coats, scarfs, hats and gloves. I guess native Texans get cold enough to enjoy these but any northerner will tell you they’re usually unnecessary. Thankfully, no matter the climate we can all find a way to wear cute sweaters this holiday season.
  • Hot chocolate. Let’s be clear, hot cocoa is not as satisfying if it’s not defrosting your fingers as well as warming your taste buds.
  • And most importantly, snow. This includes
    • Just simply watching it snow
    • Watching your pets play in the snow (look up videos, small dogs are the funniest)
    • Building snowmen/women
    • Having a snowball fight
    • Building igloos and snow forts
    • Snow angels
    • Snowshoeing
    • Making snow cream or snow cones
    • Real ice skating, not in the mall
    • Buying and wearing snow pants (they’re definitely a fashion statement)
    • Sledding (No, sliding down an icy hill is NOT the same)

Even though Texas winters may be missing a few classic holiday components, I still wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.