Christmas Traditions

Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

Ah, Christmas. The time of year that family comes together, there is time to relax, there is good food around, and hopefully no stress. The house smells good, like pine and freshly baked goodies. It is cold outside and you get to walk around the house in pajamas and fuzzy socks with hot cocoa in your hands. Better yet, there is no school.

As some of you may have noticed, Christmas seems to be dimming the pristine glow that surrounded it during our youth. As we grow older, it seems that the wish list gets shorter and shorter, and things change from year to year until we cannot remember where our insurmountable excitement went.

In place of receiving presents on Christmas morning, Christmas traditions begin to become more prominent, and we treasure time with loved ones. And perhaps, a fun thing to do this holiday season is form new traditions with best friends. There are some ideas listed below to bring back the meaning and love for Christmas, or whatever winter holiday you may celebrate.

Baking! Who won’t love you when you fill your home with the aroma of warm cookies baking in the oven? Try making something you have never made before with your best friends, an experiment that may end up on the table for years to come if everyone likes it.

Secret Santa with your best friends! Before anyone goes out of town, plan a night over and swap gifts! I’m sure a ton of people do this already but I thought I would throw it in there.

Buy each other ornaments for each other’s trees! They can be funny, something cheesy or stupid that reminds you of your friends, even an inside joke.  

These are just some ideas that can absolutely be added to or expanded on. Happy Holidays!