Why Is It Good To Be Thankful?

Why Is It Good To Be Thankful?

Jamie Hoover, Staff Writer

As Thanksgiving rolls around people start to become more appreciative and thankful for what they have. Many people express their gratitude year round, but as Thanksgiving gets closer people become a little more grateful about their life. But, did you know that being thankful can benefit your life in multiple ways?

  1. Keep you in shape-

Being thankful will put you in a better attitude leading you to have more energy, resulting in the motivation to exercise. You will also learn to take better care of your physical well being.

  1. It will benefit your health-

Studies show that the more grateful you are, the better health you will have. This is caused because of the fact that you are taking better care of your body. Also, being grateful allows you to get more sleep which is very good for your health.

  1. Become mindful-

If you are appreciating the things you have, you start to want less things. You become more aware of what you have, causing you not to need all the things you “want” in life.

4. Stay positive-

Having a positive life comes from appreciating things in your life. So by being thankful and appreciative you start to become happier and more optimistic.

  1. Social life-

Socially you will become way more friendly, which will help you gain more friends, and relationships. It will aso help you to be thankful for the friends you have, and appreciate them.

  1. Improves self esteem-

People who are thankful become way more confident in themselves, because they are not worrying about other people’s opinions. They also learn to appreciate certain aspects of themselves.

7.Decrease jealousy-

When you start to realize what you’re thankful for, you start to become less envious of other people. You learn to congratulate their achievements.

  1. Become more likeable-

When people see someone who is an all around a happy person, they tend to gravitate towards them. Which is why expressing gratitude will attract people to you.  

  1. Reduces stress-

You will be noticeably less stressed out when being thankful because you won’t focus on the small details.This will allow you take to a step back a view problems in a bigger picture.

  1. Keeps you in the present-

Being thankful will help you to remember to enjoy the present and not to focus so much on what has already happened or what’s to come.