Unique Thanksgiving Traditions

Cindy Ciotta, Staff Writer/ Broadcast Journalism

Thanksgiving is approaching soon and as we all know it’s a time for reflecting on the importance of giving and being more grateful. We hear a lot about how giving is more important than receiving, pilgrims and Mayflowers and the very first Turkey Day, and counting our blessings, etc..  But aside from all that, Thanksgiving is also a time for fun and unique traditions! Every American family has something special they do on their Thanksgiving.

Here at the Wigwam we were wondering: What are your thanksgiving traditions?

Story Olive:

“We have deviled eggs.”

Rachel Casey:

“Our whole family gathers and runs a turkey trot fun run,a race thing.”

Sammy Van Aken:

“We watch the cowboys game”.

Savannah Holmes:

“Yes, we always play football with all the cousins and we all go to my grandparents house on mom’s and dad’s side. We also always get in a big circle to say a prayer.”

Sarah Gardner:

“I go to my grandmother’s house in Granbury.”

Allie Garriott:

“My dad is a huge Redskins fan so we focus more on the Cowboys VS redskins game.”

Aaron Stanberry:

“I go to my uncle’s ranch and shoot deer.”