Interesting Facts about Newspaper Kids

Interesting Facts about Newspaper Kids

McKenna Hixon, Staff Writer

The Wigwam staff includes a lot of incredibly talented people. Not only are they good writers, but they’re also capable of some unique things. Nobody can do anything like the children in Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children like eat with the back of their head or fly, but these newspaper kids can do some pretty good tricks.

Makenzy Bozozi – Maky can cross one eye and keep the other looking forward to survey anything occurring to one side without people around her taking notice. This is similar to a chameleon which can also move their eyes independently.

Allison Bracken – Allison is super trustworthy and kind which can deceive people into telling her secrets that they probably wouldn’t have otherwise. Allison can also make a realistic wind sound by blowing air in between her teeth.

Jack Pittman – Can do the splits

Matt Sweren – Matt figured out he could pop his pectoral muscles when he started working out and decided to see if he could imitate his brother’s skill. Turns out he can do it!

Juliyanna McCracken – Juliyanna was obsessed with paper when she was around ten, so she tried  starting up origami and now she’s a pro at making small origami trees.

Kate Carlin – Kate is a jack of all trades, but she’s especially great at juggling and solving Rubik’s Cubes.

Sandra Decaigney (Sandra Dee) – Sandra is super sweet and you wouldn’t expect these crazy noises to come out of her, but she can gobble like a turkey or coo like a dove which is very startling when she does it for you.

Everyone in newspaper is incredibly talented aside from their good creative writing skills. I truly admire each of them for their skills and love reading their pieces for every issue.