Halloween vs. Christmas


Lauren Lents

Two of the most popular holidays are alike in many ways, but completely different in others. So here is a list of things you can do when Santa comes, that you probably shouldn’t do when you’re out getting candy.

1.Stay in your pajamas all day. We all know that when you’re forced to wake up early, to go look at presents. Whether it’s a younger sibling pulling you out of bed or your own pure excitement, you’re staying in the comfort of what you slept in. Now, the only socially acceptable thing you could do to stay in your sleepwear during the chilly October month is, lazy. If you’ve run out of ideas or money, go on ahead and give it a try, however i don’t recommend it.

  1. A holiday feast. During the days of December, families gather round the table to enjoy a nice dinner. Christmas music on in the background or maybe a classic seasonal movie. Your plate is piled high, with all the calories to last you a year. However if you would have done that a couple of months earlier, people probably would have given you a quizzical look. Unless your meal includes, Butterfinger’s, Twix or Hershey’s I probably wouldn’t suggest it.

  3. Give gifts. Obvious, right? Unless your family believes that you should give gifts on top of the piles of candy, by all means go ahead. During Christmas, kids wake up, to find dozens of presents all spread out under the tree. It may take awhile to open them, but hey, it can’t get any better. In complete contrast, the other holiday, is more about the experience of getting all dressed, see what other people are wearing and maybe carve a few pumpkins. With all of that to do, why add gift giving into the mix?

  1. Snow, another blatant one. Don’t get me wrong, in some places snow is almost year round, especially in the fall. I’m not claiming to be an expert on the matter since we really don’t receive a lot. I’m just saying that IF there were to be snow here, I don’t  think I would be all that inclined to go out and build a snowman or fort in the middle of October.

Clearly the two holiday’s are pretty different, but when it comes down to it, they’re both pretty great. Let’s face it though, everyone has a favorite.