Fall through the Years

McKenna Hixon, Staff Writer

“Youth smiles without any reason. It is one of its chiefest charms.” Thomas Gray stated that about the uninhibited joy that kids feel in any situation.

When we were younger, the traditions of the fall season were much more exciting than they are now. As summer ended when I was little, the only thing that got me through the ending of my favorite season, and the beginning of the school year, was the fall traditions I could look forward to completing with my family.

Now I still have fun when doing the traditional fall festivities, but I feel a sense of melancholy as I recall completing these same tasks with my parents in prior years.

Around the age of five, I loved going to the pumpkin patch with my family, to carefully select my pumpkin, only to wait until the days before Halloween were few, so I could carve it. I poured meticulously over each pumpkin to find any blemish or imperfection that would inhibit me from selecting my perfect pumpkin.

Our local pumpkin patch also happened to be a fair ground so my parents and I would spend the whole day riding the kiddy rides, playing in the petting zoo and eating the fair food, while carrying around our lovingly selected pumpkins.

Nowadays when I go to pumpkin patches, it’s to take cute fall themed photos with my friends in the leaves, or to pose with a picturesque pumpkin, that will perfectly complete the autumnal touches to my Instagram theme. As fun as this is, I miss the days when my parents and I would spend a day playing together and exploring the pumpkin patch.

Another previous fall activity that changes with age is Halloween. When I was little, I would spend hours flipping through the Party City Halloween catalogues to pick the perfect costume for me and my mom to emulate. We would spend weeks before Halloween trying to customize my costume so that it would be better than the one from the store we skipped on buying. Not only did it save money, but it was much more fun to customize my own costume with my mom.

Nowadays, I look on Pinterest the week before Halloween trying to find a suitable costume, while simultaneously figuring out what I’m going to do on Halloween, because it’s no longer a given that everyone will just be trick-or-treating that night. It was much simpler when I knew i would just be walking the neighborhood with my parents and trying to figure out which houses would give king sized candy bars.

Fall traditions have changed from good, family rooted activities to everyone trying to take cute pictures for their fall-themed social media pictures.