Are you Beyonce Kale or more into Jake Sparrow Turkey?

Are you wondering about some new Thanksgiving traditions?


Sandra Decaigny, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving, a time of rejoicing in the blessings that have been showered upon us. A time to reflect back  with our families, as they gather around the Thanksgiving table. The Thanksgiving feast is the highlight of the holiday with rolling mounds of food on every surface. Rockefeller himself could not paint a better image of wonder. Everyone sits around the living room laughing and cheering during the football game.

Then reality hits Thanksgiving is nothing compared to how society depicts it. If your Thanksgiving is anything like mine it consists of a fifteen pound turkey that resembles Jack Sparrow more than a McCormick commercial turkey. You sit down at noon to watch the infamous Macy Thanksgiving day parade, and wonder why do you never know any of the performers. Also every year you are asking if we can shake these traditions up.

Well, you are not the only one. All over the nation many families are wondering the same thing. With 2017 on the horizons Thanksgiving is about to get a makeover. Somehow half of America has come to have a celiac disease and are unable to digest any wheat. So dishes such as stuffing or my favorite corn bread are going the way or the horse shoe and are being replaced with gluten free versions that promise to be just as good. While the classic stand by, green bean casserole might be seen on some tables, you can be positive to see the Beyonce loving veggie Kale making an appearance on many tables across the nation. With the health craze sweeping the nation many people are opting the turkey dinner for tofurkey. Made from a blend of wheat protein and tofu, it’s just like what the pilgrims ate.

Speaking of pilgrims, you can dress like one this holiday by running in the local Keller turkey trot where you run a 5K dressed as a turkey, pilgrim, and or Indian. All proceeds go to local charity.

Thanksgiving has the reputation as being the family holiday while this is still some what true today. A new trend is rising called Friendsgiving, or as I call it, a sorry excuse to have a seconded turkey dinner. Friends come on a day that is not Thanksgiving and have their own version of thanksgiving.

Even though the Thanksgiving traditions are evolving to fit our modern society one thing is not. Thanksgiving still and always has had one tradition to give thanks. No matter who is president. No matter what is going on in the world. No matter what threat binds this nation. Every year everyone is granted a day of gratitude. A day to be thankful for the clean air, the fresh water, the food in front of them. A day for us to remember no matter how dark our life seems there is always a spark of light.