2016 Halloween Costumes

Kate Romano, Staff Writer

Every year we stumble upon everyone’s favorite season, when pumpkin spice seems to find it’s way into everyone’s discussion and people act as if they’ve never seen a leaf change color before. Yes, you guessed it, it’s finally October! As 2016 continues to not hold back with any disappointments, they’ve unfairly allowed Halloween to land on a Monday. Although this may appear as a minor setback, Halloween costumes this year may be just as iconic as ever. Down below you will see 2016’s most well known costume ideas that are simple and easy to rock!

  • Male Costumes
    • Maverick (Top Gun): This legendary movie character is known by everyone and a Hollywood favorite! Tom Cruz plays the role perfectly by displaying an extremely charming personality. This gives males an easily put together costume. Just throw on some aviators, slick back your hair,rock a leather jacket and you’re out the door!
    • Steve Harrington (Stranger Things): The new Netflix series of Stranger Things did not fail to be the main topic of the summer! It takes place in an 80’s scene, leaving the characters to be decked head to toe in classic 80’s attire. Yet again a very easy costume; just pop your collar, layer over it with a striped shirt, and make your hair as big as possible!
  • Female Costume
    • Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad): This character is going to be filling the streets this Halloween; Harley Quinn appears as a strong female character that leaves a long lasting impression. After the raging film Suicide Squad came to theatres, her image had been immediately popular nation wide. This costume will allow women to appear cute and remain a rebellious image.
  • Couple Costumes
    • Danny and Sandy (Grease): The legendary musical couple from the big screen will be seen nationally come the 31st! John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John whom starred in the famous movie from the late 70’s will now be reenacted by couples everywhere to recreate the magical spark! Grease displayed the picture perfect love story that included dancing and singing, leaving people to forever fantasize the experience. This couple costume will fit perfectly to allow couples to live in their own musical film and recreate the spark!
    • Ash and Pikachu ( Pokémon): The summer of 2016 had everyone’s lives revolved around Pokémon with all credit to the realistic game for smartphones of Pokémon Go! Ash (the Pokémon Trainer) and Pikachu (Ash’s first Pokémon) provide a perfect and simple character costume. This couple costume is easy to recreate and will be well understood to most of today’s generations; it allows to female to look cute as Pikachu and the male to appear more masculine if you wish to do so.