Falling Over Fall Desserts

Pumpkin is an absolutely essential ingridient for Fall desserts.

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Pumpkin is an absolutely essential ingridient for Fall desserts.

Lauren Lents

Now that we have entered Fall, which in Texas, is around three weeks. Due to the fact the season is so short, there is limited time to eat Fall themed desserts, of course for it to be socially acceptable, (I tend to eat pumpkin pie year round, with absolutely no shame.) So, here is a list of my favorite desserts, that fit the season.

Ginger cookies, my absolute favorite. The perfect blend of autumnal spices, such as cinnamon or nutmeg,  it’s everything you will ever need in a cookie. It pairs great with warm apple cider, hot chocolate of any kind or anything warm that will make you wish it was longer than a five second season.

Pumpkin cheesecake, although I remain partial to cheesecake,being the most picky eater of desserts, I find that pumpkin cheesecake is absolutely the way to go. Served with cream cheese icing, paired with fruit, or a nice drink. Its perfect for any setting, whether it be a family dinner, a night out with friends or a quiet night at home watching Netflix, you can enjoy this dessert almost anywhere.

Of course, I absolutely had to include the comforting classic, pumpkin pie. As I have said before I am an avid fan of this treat. It’s the only food I look forward to on the holidays, it’s not about the turkey for me, nope just the dessert. A unique blend of spices, fitted to the chef who made it, whether you want to admit it or not, pumpkin pie is everyone’s favorite dessert

What could be better than a pumpkin roll? You’re right, not one thing. This giant dessert, will feed everyone at your Thanksgiving dinner table. Frosting wrapped up in a bread, infused with pumpkin, lemon, etc. This dessert will make you wish it was fall forever.

Hopefully, you try out these desserts, I can guarantee they will have you wishing Fall was longer, or wishing you could move up North, where the season actually extends out more than a month. But no matter the occasion, these desserts are fantastic, so fantastic you might just FALL in love with them.