Undercover Clubs of KHS

In this issue: HOSA

McKenna Hixon, Staff Writer

    This column is meant to serve to give clubs that don’t get the recognition they deserve. The first club we’re spotlighting is Keller HOSA. I interviewed President of Keller High School HOSA and the State of Texas HOSA Emmy Bribiesca to obtain information that not everyone’s familiar with about this amazing organization.

   HOSA stands for Health Occupation Students of America and is meant to for students that have interest in a career along the science pathway so they can, as Bribiesca states, “Solidify their belief or convince them otherwise.” on whether or not they want to pursue health science.

   In addition, if someone has interest in health but isn’t interested in a health or medical based career, they “have the opportunity to dabble in the healthcare field and feel out what it’s all about.”

   Members of HOSA prepare and study all Fall and Winter to eventually attend HOSA competitions usually about one to two hours from the Keller area after passing the preliminary test.

   When asked to explain the basics of a HOSA competition Emmy stated, “Members are chosen from over fifty competitive events, and they compete at area, state, and international levels. Competitions are generally held within one to two hours of Keller at the area level, state wide at the state level, and across the country for nationals. Students get to travel expense free, all covered by the district because it’s a CTE related event. They’ll compete, as well as spend time around the city the competition is held in.”

   HOSA is not only a great way to learn about a potential career in the medical field, it can also prepare you to be a professional in the healthcare community. To improve professionalism, public speaking techniques are heightened to strengthen scores when talking in front of the judges. Members of HOSA will also have the opportunity to make connections in the field for their future career.

   When I asked Emmy why HOSA is one of the lesser recognized clubs at Keller she said, “HOSA is not nearly as well known as the big name organizations that can be found at every school such as student council, National Honor Society, etc. simply because it isn’t at every school. Keller has only had a HOSA chapter for less than a decade, so it’s even fairly new at our own school.”

   Additionally she explained that people can be intimidated by the fact that they would be considered “future health care professionals”, and if they aren’t 100% sure about their career choice then HOSA won’t be right for them.

  However this year at HOSA’s premier meeting there were 175 people as opposed to last year’s less than 125 members. HOSA is on the rise! Don’t be afraid to look into Keller’s up and coming HOSA club and step out of your comfort zone to work with other talented students who have like minded interests and goals.