The Unwritten Teenage Laws


Natalie Ryan, Staff Writer

For the average teenage girl or boy there is an unwritten law on how to act and dress. You can deny that this code exists, but come on, be honest, who are you kidding? Yes, there are unique teenagers out there who dare to be different, but the majority of American teenagers are all basically mainstreaming either physically or mentally.

The lack of individuality is most present in advertising. For example, there is a diet Pepsi commercial, where P Diddy’s (AKA Sean Combs) expensive black car breaks down as he is heading to an awards show. A diet Pepsi delivery truck pulls over and takes him to the awards ceremony. As he pulls up everyone is surprised to find out that he drove a delivery truck to this high profile event, so they think it is the fad. All of these people from famous people to ordinary citizens go out and buy diet Pepsi delivery trucks, just because P Diddy showed up in one. It is funny, because it mocks human mentality for no matter what the product is, if everyone is using it then it means they must also join the crowd.

Even though I rant on individuals not being unique, I, too, can also be at fault at times. To be honest, when Vera Bradley came out I told myself I am not going to be some basic girl and go get a Vera Bradley purse. I currently own a Vera Bradley wallet and a knock off Vera Bradley lunch box. What can I say; even the strongest give in sometimes.

┬áNow do not get me wrong, if you like the new pair of Kendra Scotts, then girl work it and wear them or if you like that frat checkered shirt with a vest look, then own it. But do not wear these things just because everyone else is wearing them. Find your own style and find yourself and be you. Do not be afraid to take risks or attempt to be the “average” person. Our world would not be as advanced as it is today, if people were scared to be different and decided to just blend in. Practicing individuality is how new fashions and inventions are created.

I get really annoyed when people act the same with no individual thoughts or unique qualities and are fake. I want to see the real you, not some person you invented for when you hang out with someone. Listening to some girls speak with their high pitched voices trying to sound like Britney Spears makes me want to kick myself in the face. I know without a doubt you do not talk like a little ten year old girl with sass. I find it humorous when I look at a group of teenagers, boys and girls, who mimic one another, whether it be acting cocky or really girly. If that is who you are then okay, but if you like something that is not the popular choice, then embrace it. Dare to be original.

All in all, I applaud people in general, who are whimsical and quirky in their own ways. The individuals who truly live by the fact that no human is the exact same as another are the ones that should be role-models. Whenever I see someone who is willing to put themselves out there and show the real world who they are, I get a smile on my face and I admire them for being courageous and not caring what other people think. We as a human race are all weird, but some of us are just better at hiding it. Next time you see that special item that touches your heart at the flea market or you want to speak your feelings out loud, just take a deep breath and let your true identity become who it is meant to be whether it be by appearance or what is inside of you.