Scientists in the Making


Natalie Hornbaker and Natalie Ryan

For those of you who know the new chemistry and biology teacher, Heather Duckworth, it is apparent that teaching brings her absolute joy. When you walk in, she immediately greets you with a huge smile, and she makes her classroom so welcoming. Along with her passion for teaching, Mrs. Duckworth loves many other things.

While interviewing Mrs. Duckworth, she sat with her legs crossed on top of a desk with a look of anticipation, ready to answer anything I asked. Interviewing her brought out a deeper side and I learned a lot about her. She was focused and serious, while at the same time having a light and eager air about her.

When asked what Mrs. Duckworth would be doing if she wasn’t teaching, she replied with two answers without hesitation. The first obviously being a stay at home mom, taking care of her four children. Her second choice would be joining the healthcare field due to her fascination of the human body and the way things work as well, as the joy that comes along with helping people.

After thinking awhile, Mrs. Duckworth said that her role model would have to be her grandfather and parents. They stressed the importance of being yourself and to not change for anyone. Her grandfather and parents gave her the mentality that if you’re not being yourself nothing really matters. Growing up with such positive influences allowed her to become who she is today.

Whether it be on the field, the stage, or in her many extracurricular activities, you would always find Mrs. Duckworth busy. Unlike most people, Mrs. Duckworth was both an athlete and artistically gifted. She participated in the all stars for softball, while also playing the saxophone in the school band.

If Mrs.Duckworth could tell everyone one thing, it would be to love people. She wants people to be happy with themselves and find what sets you apart from everyone else.

“Do not try to be someone else, because it takes too much time and effort. You need to be true to yourself.”

Mrs.Duckworth’s number one thing on her bucketlist is to travel the world. The first place she would visit would be Greece and Italy. She wants to see new things that you can’t find in America such as their architecture and food.

If she was given a chance to go to any time period, Mrs. Duckworth would go to when the major scientific advances were being made, so she could witness the many scientists’s thought processes up close. Her other reply was that she would stay in this time period, because we are blessed with the inventions and cures we have come up with. We are better off than we have ever been before. Her advice is to live every day to the fullest not taking things for granted.

Though you might see her as an ordinary teacher, there’s much more to her than someone who grades papers and assigns homework. From a wife, a mom of four, a mentor, and a scientist, Mrs. Duckworth is constantly impacting people’s lives with her understanding thoughts and actions.

“I love teaching and I hope to bring that love of learning to students. I want them to know that there is always someone who cares about them. I care about them and I want them to succeed and have a wonderful life. I want them to come to me if they ever need anything!”