Zaring The Fabulous


Alex Ditman, Kate Nichols, and Nia Ramsey

He wakes with the sun to face the long and grueling day ahead of him. From 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. the work doesn’t ends. Who is this man of many talents and virtues, you may ask? It is none other than Coach Zaring.

In the morning Zaring is known as the cross country coach, while in the afternoon, he transitions to teaching anatomy and physiology.

When you have unlimited opportunities, becoming a teacher probably isn’t at the top of the list. Zaring understood this quite well, but due to certain experiences, he decided to pursue a teaching position.

“At first I did not want to become a teacher because both of my parents were teachers.

However, when I was in college taking my animal and biology classes, I started to tutor some of the kids and it got me interested in interacting with young people and making them become interested in sciences,” said Zaring.

With a plethora of knowledge, Zaring had the chance to take his skills beyond teaching and into the medical field.

“Well, I have considered several times along my path to change and go back to medical school, but I enjoy what I do so much and I remember my mentor telling me to choose a profession based off what I want to do and not about the money.”

Growing up, it seems that little boys are always interested in sciences and living organisms, and sometimes those fascinations extend all the way into their college careers.

“I wanted to become a game warden at one time, which there’s a lot of science involved in that. I started off in pre-vet school and a couple of semesters into it, I realized that this wasn’t really the direction that I needed to go,” reflected Zaring.

Throughout college one comes across classes that either capture their interest and makes the class enjoyable or makes you want to push the class off the face of the earth.

“My very favorite class was forensic chemistry, while genetics was horribly hard.”

When it comes time to pick a profession guidance is always a saving grace especially when it is received from somebody who has been through the trials and errors.

“Find out what you love and go after what you love,” advises Zaring.

Being so multi talented, Zaring could have gone after any of his passions. With his love for music one might have thought he would’ve learned how to play an instrument.

“Believe it or not I never learned how to play music until about ten years ago, I’ve had a huge love of music but it was all by ear. I was basically a musical illiterate,” Zaring said.

For Zaring, music is his life. His huge love of music is as huge as his taste in music which can range from rap to country in a split second.

“I have a wide range of musical genres that I like, like rap, but sometimes I’m in the mood for country. It all really just depends on how I feel,” he said.

There are so many opinions on everything nowadays you don’t always know who can count on to tell you what’s good and what is actually terrible, but if you want an honest answer, just go ask Zaring!

“Most of the stuff today I haven’t really gained an appreciation for yet. Music is one of those things that you really gain appreciation for as you listen to it, and listen to the intricacies and the melodies,” Zaring said.

Being a teacher isn’t an easy job, especially when you coach cross country and teach anatomy and physiology, but somehow Zaring does an amazing job at doing both with zeal.

“The schedule kind of manages itself. I try to take time everyday to do something that I enjoy outside of school whether it’s playing the guitar or golf. The schedule part of it goes around my school schedule.”

You rarely come across people like Zaring who have such a strong passion for their job, but when you do, they make everything much better; and for that, the students of Keller High thank him.