Keller Riders


Abby Wormsbaker and Tanner Hudson

To feel the wind in your hair and the rush of your blood is something that only certain people can relate to. Longboarding is how Jacob, Nick, Cameron, Michael, Emilio and the gang accomplish that– not only to pass the time, but to make a profit as well. They ride the intense hills of Keller, and perform wicked tricks. But it took a long period of effort and dedication to fully master them. “We would practice and practice until one day one of us stopped falling, and then we kept copying that person until we all knew how to do it,” Cameron Hurst said. It takes motivation to become something. These guys got theirs from a video of professional rider, Kyle Chin, called “Skating Hollywood.” “It was probably the coolest video I’ve ever seen, so I was like, ‘We need to be these people,” Hurst said. But with all of that talent, a longboarder still needs a mentor to help them hone their skill. That’s where Jacob’s brother’s friend Emilio came into the picture. As Jacob put it, “He’s, like, really really good. He started teaching us. That’s when we really got into it.” A longboarder can’t rise without tripping up in some places. Some casualties were suffered in the battle to become skillful riders. Nick broke his collarbone trying to bail halfway down a hill, and Michael’s front tooth came out after riding into a curb and falling at the bottom of (you guessed it) a hill. One thing you may not know is that these same guys run the business called “Twin Boards.” They have been working on creating a website that should be up really soon. You can buy shirts, boards, and other merchandise once it is up and running. If you have a dream of longboarding, follow Jacob’s advice: “Just keep trying. Cause you’re gonna fall over and over. If you just get up and keep going, it’s really worth it in the end…And get a Twin Board. If you do, you not only get an awesome board, you also get to come out and learn with the creators themselves.”

Ride on, dudes.