The Joys of Fast Food

Taylor Martin, Staff Writer

When you work at Chicken Express you hear this constant beeping that follows you home. Sometimes I am sitting at home falling asleep and I hear it, the loud, awful noise of the beep. You will feel like you constantly smell like chicken and Pine-Sol. I basically lived there during the summer, the worst shifts are when you work all day then you have to open the next morning or work another double.

From working in a fast food joint,  I have learned three main things: The customer is always wrong, the sounds of the place will haunt you, and always help co workers.

When the customer thinks they are right; they are not. You know the place like the back of your hand, so they do not understand the struggle of spending most of your time there. When you are already having a bad day, a rude customer never helps either.

Customers will argue with you about how much things costs when you definitely know how much they cost. You will have customers complain to you about the prices and say  “look here I just work here I don’t control the prices; our owner doesn’t control prices if you have a problem talk to corporate there’s not much we can do.”

If someone messes up an order do not make a big deal about it, just either come in and tell us what we did wrong and we will fix it or call and come in later and get what you wanted. Coming in and making a big deal about it is not going to change anything. I have had a customer come in and tell me I did not give him rolls when I swear up and down I did, and so my manager offered to give him something to make up for it but he said he did not want anything even though they obviously did if they came in yelling at me about it and basically calling me stupid.

Honestly I still hear the sounds of Chicken Express. It is so loud there that I find myself yelling and having to be told be quiet or simmer down because I am too loud. I will be cleaning or doing some other task and think I hear the car beeper go off so I stop what I am doing and wait a couple of seconds, and sometimes if it stops I feel like I am hearing things. If there is actually a car there then it just continues to beep and it is awful. Sometimes I am sitting at home half asleep and I hear the beeping. The beeping actually follows you everywhere. Same with the smell, I feel like I am constantly smelling like chicken.

Besides dealing with difficult customers, you should always help your co workers. One time I was opening on a Saturday and my manager left for the bank, so it was me alone with two new kids and they were setting up the front and I was doing things in the back to get ready. A guy was moving the tea to the front and the nozzle was leaking and I told him to leave it alone and our manager would fix it when she comes back, but he decided to try and twist the nozzle to make it better which actually made it worse; the nozzle came off and the tea went everywhere. I hurried and put it back on and just moved the tea to the back for it to be taken care of later. So right now I have a bunch of tea in the floor by our cook’s stuff. So our cook and I are squeegeeing the floor to try and get the tea up and then I mop it down real quick. Had I made him clean it up or make him tell our manager it was his fault I would not be a decent co worker who works with others to fix a problem. The best way to handle these situations is to cooperate with others and help them instead of letting them sink or swim on their own.

With everything I have said, these are only just some of the stories and some of the things I have learned while working in the fast food industry.