Mrs. Waggoner

Mrs. Waggoner

Gretchen Braun, Staff Writer

Stepping into the room for the first time she felt a sense of accomplishment. After years of waiting she finally got her dream job of teaching child studies. A long sense of relief comes as all of her hard work pays off.

Mrs. Waggoner is the new child studies teacher at Keller High School. After years of substituting other classes she finally got the job she was waiting for. After attending college at the University of North Texas, she knew that she wanted to have a career in family consumer science.

“I like teaching real world skills,” Waggoner said.

She often gives lessons on things such as family care.

“The first time I subbed it was a lesson on laundry and being a mom,” Waggoner said. “I was surprised how many students had not done their own laundry, I felt I could really contribute since I had done that.”

Ever since joining the Keller staff, Waggoner has made a huge impact on the school and even was teacher of the week.

“I had the advantage of being here doing my student teaching, so I really knew the culture of Keller High School and Keller ISD before I came.”

Her teaching style is “student centered,” and really focuses on each student’s needs which benefits each individual. Coming to a new school can be very intimidating but Waggoner has really embraced her career.

“I love teaching, I love the staff, and I love the principal.”

One of the classes she teaches is child development, which focuses on the early stages of childhood and how the child grows and learns.

“Teaching is a little harder than what I thought it would be, but I still love it,” Waggoner said.

Having taught child care classes many wonder why she chose to teach at a high school level.

“I prefer teaching big kids because I feel I can make a bigger difference with them.”

Learning these essential life skills from a teacher with so much passion is the ideal way to do it. Look into taking child development, child guidance, and principles of human services next year!