Home Access Center Not That Accessible

Laura Fisher, Photo Editor

Change is hard, especially when no one gives you directions on how to use a new website. As you probably know by now, Keller ISD stopped using gradespeed and started using the Home Access Center, which ironically is not very accessible or easy to use.

After you log in to the site you are presented with a screen of options “home,” “attendance,” “classes,” “grades,” and “registration.” The grades section should sensibly tell you all of your grades in individual classes, but when you click that section, it just shows you the progress report grades.

If you want to see what you made on a certain test or daily grade, then you have to select classes and it shows all the grades you made so far in the nine weeks. The full view option in the classes’ section shows your grades, but the system only shows you the total points you made out of the maximum; because of this odd mechanic, in some classes you can have a 445 out of 500.

Attendance center doesn’t even tell you if the student was present that day or not. The whole calendar is blank, so obviously that means you are there every day.

The registration section literally makes no sense; it shows all your contact information the school has on record, but you can’t update or edit it. In this case, one has to wonder what the point even is in having it displayed on the website?

The grades section shows you the progress report of the grades you have so far. This actually can be nice if you want to see if you failed a class on the report card, before the report cards are handed out in homeroom. That way you know to hide it from your parents once you have the report card; don’t act like you haven’t done it too.

But the silliest part of the Home Access Center is the calendar of all the assignments you got from each class that day and what you made on them. Who is seriously going to look at that to see what they did the day before or to see what they made on a homework assignment? You can just go to the classes section to see that. So basically, the Home Access Center isn’t all that helpful, and repulsive looking in the layout, an extremely redundant and frustrating system.