Take A Day Trip

Take A Day Trip

Kayla Barnes, Design Editor

With spring break fast approaching, people are planning out the last minute details of the vacations they are taking. From Hawaii to Disney World, many Keller families travel to far off destinations.

But not everyone has the luxury of traveling this year; gas prices continue to rise and the economy still hasn’t found the strength to pull itself out of the slump it has been in.

So if you’re stuck at home this spring break, and you desperately want to do something other than wake up at noon and remain in your pajamas for the rest of the day, check out this compilation of places to go that are close to home.

Dallas Blooms! At the Dallas Arboretum March 3 – April 8. Fifteen dollars will gain you access to these beautiful gardens that were ranked as “One of the Top 14 Places in the World to See Flowers.” Capitol One offers buy one get one free coupons valid on Tuesdays, and March 16-18 the Arboretum will host an art show.

Play with the Dinosaurs. Glen Rose is home to Dinosaur Valley State Park, where the riverbanks have 113 million old dino tracks. This park also has camping, picnicking, and nature trails. Admission is $5.

And while you’re down there, be sure to check out Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. It costs anywhere from $14.75 to $20.75 per car to drive the park. The tour is 9.5 miles long and you will see everything from giraffes to cheetahs. It is a better option than the zoo because you get to see the animals in their ‘natural’ environment, as well as have a closer and more personal experience. But be careful; the ostriches will not hesitate to poke their sharp beaks into your car.

Another excellent town to visit is Granbury. If you want to soak up some sun, be sure to check out Lake Granbury Beach right next to downtown. I know you’re thinking “WHAT? A BEACH?!?!?” but seriously, they have a beach. It might be man-made, but it’s the closet thing to a tropical setting the Metroplex has.

On top of the beach, Granbury boasts the Brazos Drive-in Theatre. It only costs $20 for a carload of six and $4 for each additional person. They also have many dining options, including Babe’s Chicken of Granbury.

If you don’t feel like driving all the way out to Granbury to hit the water, then check out Lake Grapevine. Even if you don’t have a boat, it’s still a great place to go for hiking, fishing, or just chilling by the water.

Close to Lake Grapevine is downtown Grapevine. The downtown strip has a ton of cute restaurants, an opera house and art galleries. For a full list of dining and entertainment, check our their website at www.downtowngrapevinetexas.com. From March 9-10, they are hosting the chocolate and art festival. This festival has something for all ages. Friday night will feature live jazz and chocolate, and Saturday there will be cooking demos, chocolates, jazz and art exhibits with art for sale.

So even though you might not get to go to Hawaii or Italy this spring break, there are plenty of fun and exciting things to do in the lone-star state!