Selena Gomez gets Rare

Gwen Morovitz, Editor in Chief

Selena Gomez’s newest album was released on January 10, much to the surprise and delight of her fans. After suffering many years of emotional trauma and abuse from ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, Gomez was able to emerge from the pain and use her incredible writing and singing talents as an outlet and a way to connect with her fans. 

Throughout 2019, Gomez took breaks from social media and spent all of her time healing emotionally with her friends and family. In late December, she surprised fans with the release of her single, “Lose You to Love Me” an empowering ballad about learning from mistakes, and growing from pain. Everyone knew by just listening to the lyrics this was a personal song for her, and the pain and emotion in her voice is prominent throughout. 

To follow up on this single that rose to the top of the charts, Gomez released a second single titled, “Look at Her Now” a striking contrast to her previous single, this song shows the other side of a breakup; the empowering and confident woman that emerges. While “Lose You to Love Me” was written to celebrate finding yourself and remembering self importance, “Look at Her Now” takes a more upbeat way of celebrating the strength and confidence built by a woman scorned. 

Her album Rare released weeks later after the success of her two singles, and explores deeper the many levels of healing coming out of a toxic relationship, something many women, including myself, can relate to. The album starts off with the song “Rare” where Gomez explains she won’t wait around to be realized of her worth and that she’s too rare to be held back.

This song along with tracks like “Ring” and “Dance Again” celebrate her ability to turn around from being held back and held down in relationships, and how she can truly shine bright with confidence now that she’s free.

Slower tracks such as “Vulnerable” and “Crowded Room” relate to her audience a different way by describing the fears and hesitations about starting a new relationship, but also reminds her audience of how magical it is.

While her ex Justin Bieber had to beg on Instagram and Twitter for his new single “Yummy” to be listened to and streamed, her new album has naturally placed top on charts and has made many hits to the radio. This is a new year and a new Selena Gomez, one that many can agree is an amazing transformation for her.