Fans Love Avengers 3000

Gwen Morovitz, Assistant Editor

Marvel fans have waited years for the end of the Avengers series of movies, that is now known as the “Infinity Saga”. This movie was by-far the most emotional and exciting of all the Marvel movies. On my first viewing of Endgame, I was on the edge of my seat within the first two scenes, as we see how Clint Barton (Hawkeye) was affected by Thanos’ snap, and where Nebula and Tony Stark (Ironman) ended up stranded in space after the end of Infinity War. Just months before the release of Endgame, Captain Marvel hit theatres and added another heroine to the storyline. If loyal fans waited through the end credits of this movie, they saw Captain Marvel respond the the clicking of Nick Fury’s pager made exclusively to call her in times of emergency. But other than that brief interaction, Endgame never showed any other introduction that would have tied her into the group and their fight against Thanos. The beginning of Endgame just throws her into the group, and in my opinion, that cheated her out of building upon the already rushed storyline she was given. Once all the remaining Avengers are reunited, their actions would lead viewers to believe the movie should be over after the first twenty minutes. This shocking scene leaves our favorite characters once again hopeless, and the story jumps to five years in the future, with every Avenger in their process of dealing with the loss of their friends and family. Natasha Romanov (Black Widow) is seen still at the Avengers Headquarters trying to keep herself busy, Steve Rodgers (Captain America) is seen leading a therapy group, Stark is found living his dream life with Pepper Potts and their daughter, Morgan. Barton has taken a darker approach to moving on, and becomes the assassin, Ronin.

Scott Lang (Ant Man) finally escapes the Quantum Realm after being left there when the team supposed to bring him out five years earlier disappeared with Thanos’ snap.

With a brilliant idea, he rushes to find Captain America and Black Widow to suggest how they can bring everyone back and get all the Infinity Stones back in their possession.

They reassemble the remaining Avengers, some of them with changed appearances and changed characterization, however they don’t include Captain Marvel in their plans. Developing a time machine of sorts, the group breaks up into teams to go find the stones and bring them back to their timeline: Clint and Natasha go after the Soul Stone, Rocket and Thor go for the Reality Stone, Bruce Banner (Hulk) goes with Steve, Tony, and Scott to get the Time Stone while they go after the Tesseract, and War Machine and Nebula go after the Power Stone.

The rest of the movie is filled with heartbreaking scenes showing the death and sacrifice of our favorite heroes.

The end of Endgame is an emotional masterpiece that ties the whole series together in a sad but beautiful way. Out of all the ways the Russo brothers could have ended the series, I truly believe that this was the best way to tie up all the loose ends and unfinished storylines.

I think many fans can agree with me when I say we all love the Avengers 3000.