Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2 Review


Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

The first season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was focused on the tug of war between Sabrina’s witch background and her mortal life. This conflict created the central plot for the duration of season one. Overall, season one was a success. The ending (SPOILER ALERT) of Sabrina eventually signing her name in the book of the beast and therefore deciding to walk down the path of night was a shock to many. This cliffhanger of what was next for Sabrina is what propelled the show into its second season.

While the first season had a heavy emphasis on Sabrina’s mortal friends, season two has more of an emphasis on Sabrina’s life at the academy, as well as her trying to figure out how she fits into life now. It creates a darker tone for the season as well as the beginnings of a love triangle between Sabrina, Nick, and Harvey (although it is quickly dismissed). Without giving too much away, this season also created several sub-plot lines that will be further explored in season three. Another interesting development was the character development of Father Blackwood. To put it vaguely, he took a turn in his beliefs that made it easy to see him as the typical villain. The show also tackled some harder topics, like the stigma around transgender kids and misogyny. However, showing these issues on a platform like Netflix helps bring awareness to the topics.

Overall, season two was a great continuation of the Archie Comics series. It carried over the same chilly and spooky tone that made the series stand out from the beginning while becoming more serious with harder-to-talk about topics. Further delving into Sabrina’s world of witches and warlocks was a great move for the rest of the seasons coming up as well. Leaving season 2 on a semi-finished note was a good decision as well. It allows the viewer to have a good idea of what the next season will look like while still giving some room for interpretation. I can’t wait for what season three has in store and will be awaiting more news regarding another season!