Prepare to be entertained: upcoming Dallas concerts


Kate Lang, Staff Writer

Dallas is certainly a hot spot for shopping, business, food, and entertainment. Entertainment can include rodeos, shows, and concerts. Concerts are definitely one of the best things of visiting Dallas and living in surrounding cities.

This spring and summer, tons of concerts are scheduled to take place in downtown.

Jennifer Lopez is coming to Dallas April 22. She will be performing at the American Airlines Center, which is one of the nicest and most luxurious arenas in Dallas that concerts are held at.

Ariana Grande is expected in Dallas on May 21 and perform at the American Airlines Center as well. She will be singing her newest album in which has caused the most controversy, from asking a man to break up with his girlfriend because Ari is “Bored” in a song to calling out every single one of her ex-boyfriends. This concert should be interesting.

For anyone that is more into the popular rap music that has been circling this generation, rapper Lil Mosey will be coming to Dallas this week April 18 to perform at a smaller venue, which can sometimes be the most fun, Canton Hall.

June 14 Florida Georgia Line will be visiting Dallas June 14 to sing at the new Dos Equis Pavilion. The new arena is most beautiful. The arena has three sections, in which the first in closest to the stage and has people standing on concrete, the second is seating for VIP ticket consumers, and the third is a large grass area where people are welcome to sit down and enjoy the music. Behind the arena is the rest of the pavilion that has dozens of high end restaurants.

Dallas will be presented with many fun concerts this upcoming spring and summer.