Disney brings us some great animal films

Kate Lang, Staff Writer

With all of this gloomy weather that Mother Nature has cursed Texas with lately, all we can do is find new activities that are completely inside.

And of course, the thought of going to the movie theatre just naturally comes across almost everyone’s mind. But are there any actually interesting movies out in theatres right now?

It feels like the movie theatre has been so dry lately. Well, I am here to tell you that the movie theatre is not as dry as a desert.

Actually, it’s closer to more of a North Pole vibe. A North Pole with penguins. Literally. The newest movie coming out in theatres right now is called Penguins. This film about, well, you guessed it, penguins.

Produced by Disney, Penguins is another nature dependent documentary created to allow children to enjoy the wild in a safe and affordable environment. Critics have labeled this documentary as a “coming of age” movie that is “sweet and playful.”

Another movie that has seemed to come into the spotlight this week has been yet another Disney movie, Dumbo. Now that all of us have seen the animated Dumbo when we were growing up, you can bet that most of the theatres will be filled with ages 15-20 for a few weeks, including me.

Dumbo stars Eva Green and Michael Keaton and is directed by Tim Burton.