Avengers Endgame: Who will survive?

Gwen Morovitz, Assistant Editor

The hype around the Marvel movies is unreal, but with Endgame releasing so soon, Marvel fans are realizing the bittersweet end of their favorite group of heroes and heroines.

The first teaser trailer released on March 14, which prepared fans for the release date of April 26. The first trailer made fans wonder if Tony Stark (Iron Man), was going to die alone on a ship before the excitement of the movie really begins, similar to Loki’s death in Infinity War.

The second and third trailer destroys this rumor, however, because we see that Stark is dressed in a new Avengers suit, on Earth with the rest of his team. Then, on March 26, the Marvel Instagram account posted headshots of the heroes in either black in white, signifying their death in Infinity War, or in color, which let fans know who was dead and alive for the beginning of Endgame.

The directors Joss Whedon, Anthony Russo, and Joe Russo have told us that only two of the original six Avengers would survive Endgame. This has sent fans into a intense debate about who will survive and who won’t. Seven years after the release of the very first Avengers movie, every Marvel fan has become wildly attached to this group of heroes. With so many clues and moments leading up to Endgame, the hype and excitement surrounding the movie is beyond any other franchise’s.

The final trailer for Endgame released on April 16, just ten days before the scheduled release of the final movie. This trailer tops all other ones before it, as it takes us through the last decade of Marvel movies, a giant story all wrapped up into one final movie. Fans including myself are excited, nervous, and a little sad to see Endgame, and to watch all the story lines wrap up and come to an end.