Free Spirit Takes Fans by Storm

Gwen Morovitz, Assistant Editor

This week, I interviewed Junior Gabby Cunningham about her favorite artist, Khalid’s, new album Free Spirit that released on April 5. The album included 17 songs, starting with  “Intro” and ending with “Saturday Nights.”

“It’s an incredible album,” said Cunningham, “a constant mood no matter what song you’re listening to.”

The track “Talk” from the album has already made the top charts and can be heard daily on the top hits radio stations. “Better” has also made it onto Apple Music’s top charts. Billie Eilish first held the top spot on the charts for her new album, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? but quickly after Khalid’s album released, Free Spirit took the top spot.

“I’ve listened to at least half the songs on that album everyday since the release,” Cunningham said. “They never really get old, they’re that good.”

Coming July 14 to the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Khalid is scheduled to go on tour to promote his new album as well as hits of his old music from albums such as American Teen and Suncity. With every album, Khalid has produced many hits, and Free Spirit is no exception.

Tickets are still on sale for his July 14 concert in Dallas, but they’re selling fast. As his music becomes more and more widely popular, and played over several sources and influencers, Khalid brings in more and more fans every week.