Stranger Things Trailer Has Fans Thrilled

Gwen Morovitz, Assistant Editor

Stranger Things is arguably Netflix’s best original series. Every time a new season is announced, their fan base goes crazy with theories and excitement over the possibilities of what plot twists and turns the writers have in store.

The third season of Stranger Things is scheduled to release on July 4. The trailer hasn’t told us much so far, but begins with Dustin returning from a trip to a prank from his friends and his demogorgon dog Dart has been replaced with a turtle. Hopper is seen dressed up nicer than his usual uniform, and Joyce looks troubled as always.

Many fans are thrilled to see Eleven and Max having sleepovers and hanging out, making their previous tense relationship a more positive and sweet friendship that both characters desperately need.

In the trailer, Mike mentions how they “aren’t kids anymore” and seems to tell his friends that they need to grow up and understand they can’t play games all the time anymore.

To me, this made me a little sad to hear how these kids have been through so much more than any normal middle schooler has, and how because of the traumatic experiences they’ve had to go through with saving their best friend Will over and over again, they missed out on a time where they could be kids and not have to worry about such dangers, or grow up too fast.

The mayor announces later in the trailer how he wants Hawkins to be a town where everyone feels safe and can have fun, but this clearly foreshadows a dramatic event to happen at the fair, since every viewer knows that Hawkins is clearly not safe.

Regardless of how the trailer is interpreted, every fan can agree that the wait for July 4 is too long, and everyone is anxious to see what this season has in store for our favorite group of kids.