Let the music speak!

Kate Lang, Staff Writer

Music for 2019 has become to seem pretty dull lately.

Our favorite rap artists have seemed to take a break, and our go-to radio songs are repeated constantly. So where can you find a great set of songs that are new, hip, and easy to listen to?

Apple Music has a great top 100 playlist. This playlist has specific employees that work for Apple strictly to take care of the playlist and update it every week with the newest tunes. The playlist is called Best of the Week. The playlist is located in the music app and under the Browse tab.

Apple Music Pop is the creator. The playlist includesof Billie Eilish, a hot new song writer and singer who specializes in alternative music, which is a nice type of music to listen to during the mid-day. The playlist also consists of other artists like ROSALIA & J Blavin, Georgia, P!nk, and Nav, who is an artist that focuses on rapping and hip-hop.

More music on the playlist is country, rap, R&B, soul, more alternative, dance, EDM, and much more. As the year goes on and it gets harder and harder to find new musi,c while it feels like all of our favorite artists are sleeping on us, we can depend on Apple Music’s Best of the Week to have our backs and keep us from throwing our phones across the room after we listen to “Motor Sport” by Migos one more time.