Listen to this…

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

Lately, I’ve found myself listening to the same few songs while doing homework, working out, or doing virtually anything that involves music. My car rides home consist of me listening to the same two songs over and over again. I listen to music on Spotify 90 percent of the time, so not having anything good to listen to poses a problem. I’ve cultivated a comprehensive playlist of the songs that caught my ear over the last few weeks. These songs aren’t necessarily new releases, but new to my ears. There is no specific genre of music either, just songs that I like. Sad songs and happy songs included. If I had to take a guess, I would say most of these songs fall under the pop or indie category. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a couple of songs you enjoy listening to as well!

  1. Let It Happen- Tame Impala
  2. Suncity- Khalid
  3. Out of My League- Fitz and the Tantrums
  4. If I Say- Mumford and Sons
  5. Bloodline- Ariana Grande
  6. Be- Hozier
  7. I Won’t Run From It- Big Red Machine
  8. Silver Lining- Mt. Joy
  9. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart- Mark Ronson
  10. Wanna Be- The Internet
  11. Speculate- Xavier Omar
  12. Haircut- Ryan Beatty
  13. Oh, What a World- Kacey Musgraves
  14. New Light- John Mayer
  15. Boyfriend- COIN
  16. Tailwhip- Men I Trust
  17. Bury A Friend- Billie Eilish
  18. Fool’s Gold (Spotify Singles version)- Niall Horan
  19. Self- Khalid
  20. I Guess I Just Feel Like- John Mayer
  21. I Love You- Billie Eilish

Obviously, these songs are all vastly different genres and moods for different occasions. They’re put together here for convenience sake, but would probably be best listened to at different times (unless you’re feeling crazy and make the impulsive decision to listen to the playlist all the way through). I hate not being able to find good music because I feel like life is overall better with music in the background. Being able to find music that I like (and hopefully others will like) has also helped boost my mood. I hope this helps you diversify your music or find another song you like! Happy listening!