Cherry Pools Plays Out-Of-This-World Concert

Cherry Pools recently signed with Weekday Records & Sony Music Entertainment.

Sony Music

Cherry Pools recently signed with Weekday Records & Sony Music Entertainment.

Taylor West, Assistant Editor

Concerts are often used as a happy place for music lovers. They act as a (crowded) breath of fresh air from the day to day life of school, work, and other responsibilities.  

I personally enjoy concerts to their fullest extent by having a goal of attending as many concerts as possible. Recently, I honored that goal by going to see a band whose music career is just skimming the surface of what they have in store for the future. Cherry Pools couldn’t have chosen a better time to play the Cambridge Room in the House Of Blues: the first Monday night back from spring break.

Cherry Pools had three wildly different opening acts — all in good ways. The first band, Polaroid Summer, was a pop band with a California skater vibe. While they played a short set their front man Micaiah Walker put on an active and entertaining performance. As a closing, the band moved their drummer up close and played strictly instrumental covers that was surprisingly intense and fun to be apart of.

Following the slightly alternative band was two man show Sory. The lead singer engaged the crowd and had the small venue of roughly 30 people jumping on command. Sory revealed their swift talent of making a tired, tough crowd loosen up and possibly highlight their set as the best part of the whole night.

Finally, a ruthless sweetheart by the name of Tillie stunted out on stage with a statement-making outfit, catching everyone attention. Apart from the crowd of moms supporting Tillie and her music, the rest of the Cherry Pools fans were pleasantly impressed with her stage presence. She sang a set of heartfelt songs rolled up with smashing bops that are sure to hit the indie genre harder than anyone could anticipate.

Lastly, Cherry Pools made their appearance that followed their Bluetopia tour theme of sparkling blue, outer space. They brought back My Chemical Romance feels, but adding on a new weird twist to the black parade that was now the blue parade with a little more pop-indie sound that the fans seemed to love. Lead singer Martin breaks gender roles often on the tour and at the concert by applying heavy, near perfectly done glitter blue makeup that adds just that much more effect to the scene of Cherry Pools. His stage presence was delivered in the form of high heel stilettos that didn’t cause him to break any kind of sweat while performing choreographed flailing that matched perfectly with each songs beat.

There venue was nostalgically played on the same stage I first discovered them on. A venue that was a special place to my concert going buddy and I, one that gave us our first barricade spot and countless other memorable concerts. The House of Blues had gave us yet another first time experience, being very first in line at the opening doors. It also gave us what it offers each time— a brand new set of amazing bands to listen to and an out-of-this-world experience put on by Cherry Pools.