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Captain Marvel tops $1 Billion as seventh biggest MCU release of all time.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Marvel Studios

‘Captain Marvel’ tops $1 Billion as seventh biggest MCU release of all time.

Taylor West, Assistant Editor

Marvel is known to have the biggest set of superhero movies today. Their fan base is die-hard and more than willing to sit through an entire roll of credits just to get a sliver of film from the upcoming movie — and then analyze it for months after.

Recently, Marvel released a self-titled movie Captain Marvel.

The movie itself hit fans with a bit of surprise, as all the focus has been on the highly anticipated Avenger 4 Endgame.

The movie follows Carol Danvers, an extraterrestrial who ascends onto earth without meaning to but must find her way back while also fighting in the midst of a war. Danvers soon realizes that this is not not her first visit to earth, and if she wishes to find who she truly is she must enlist the help of the infamous Nick Fury.

Captain Marvel is a great feminist outcry.

In the past, Marvel movies have been known to only spotlight big, strong superheroes like Captain America, Iron Man, or Thor. While the big-name company attempts to give women their own roles in their counterparts movies, like Iron Man’s supporting wife and Thor’s tender mother, it lacks the individuality women seek. The last thing the Captain Marvel movie does is allow a male to outshine, overrule, or be the sole plot of this female movie. Captain Marvel creates ties into all the other Marvel superheroes, as well as give us the highly anticipated starting story of Nick Fury.

Captain Marvel was a 10/10 movie that deserves its title of being the sixth-biggest worldwide film opening since the year of 2002. It’s definitely a must see.