Isn’t it Romantic?

Cindy Ciotta, Managing Editor

sn’t It Romantic starring Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth, Prianka Chopra and Adam DeVine was released on February 13th 2019. The spoof of the typical chick- flick romantic comedy movie centers around New York architect Natalie who struggles to see the bright side of things.

The movie begins with an introduction to her cynical personality and idea about relationships. She rants to her assistant at work about the cliches people fawn over in life or in movies, and basically her simply hating everything.

After getting mugged in the subway and hitting her head on a pole from running away, she wakes up in a hospital room and things seem different. Her initial response was confusion at the doctor being so nice to her, and Blake, played by Liam Hemsworth complementing her and asking her out on a date. It’s clear that she’s insecure and isn’t used to being treated nicely. Things seem to work out well for her in this new world with a nicer apartment, nicer clothes, city, job, and romance. A few puns and humorous scenes later natalie is able to figure somethings out for herself, but I won’t give the movie away.

I will say that I went into it with low expectations and was impressed by the humor they were able to throw at romantic comedies. Through bashing cliche romantic comedy movies, they were able to convey some positive messages as well like self love. Wilson was certainly the best to be cast for this part because of her naturally funny personality which made the movie enjoyable. I would recommend seeing this cute movie for a good laugh with friends.