John Mayer, the legend

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

If you don’t know who John Mayer is, you’ve been living under a rock. His indie-rock music is heavily reliant on meaningful lyrics mixed with soulful guitar in the background.

He’s 41 years old and has been singing and songwriting for quite a while. His first album was released in 1999, meaning he has been releasing albums for 18 years, with 11 albums to date.

His newest singles, “I Guess I Just Feel Like” and “New Light” and almost complete polar opposites of one another and yet are cohesive in that they both still have that signature “John Mayer” sound that makes you want to listen to it driving in your car with the windows down gazing at the sunset. It’s a simple beat with introspective lyrics.

He’s one of my favorite musicians because of his honesty in his music, and his refusal to conform to musical norms or music industry norms. You can tell he really means what he’s singing. In addition, he cares a LOT about what songs he produces for his fans. Unlike others, he emphasizes the “quality over quantity” motto.

His music appeals to all generations. For example, when I played “Love on the weekend” for my mother in my car, the next thing she did was buy his latest album on iTunes. The simple guitar sound combined with the complex lyrics regarding life transcends age and makes for an artist both daughter and mother can listen to together.

John Mayer is my all-time favorite artist and will continue to be my go-to musician when I’m sad, happy, mad, or just bored. No matter what the occasion, he has a song for it. Don’t forget to stream his newest song “I Guess I Just Feel Like” and listen to his most recent album, “The Search For Everything”!