Thank you, for more music


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Ariana Grande has a new album out and fans are loving it.

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

It seems like Ariana Grande is all anyone can talk about on social media.

Ariana’s 2018 was an eventful year, but she isn’t slowing down in 2019. Ariana plans to drop a new album, thank you, next, very shortly after her fourth album sweetener.

Ariana’s style of music has also changed vastly from her earlier work. She began with heavy amounts of pop and soulful ballads, but has transitioned to songs with an R&B influence.

Not only has her sound changed, but the meaning behind her songs has changed as well. Lately, her albums have been especially reflective of her personal life, with sweetener reflecting someone in love, taking in life that seems…well, sweet.

Thank you, next comes off the heels of her breakup with fiance Pete Davidson and is thought to be an album showing personal growth and an independent woman. While both albums show two different viewpoints, Ariana is staying true to herself and her musical journey, which can be respected.

Thank you, next will have 12 songs, but Ariana has already released three of those songs: “imagine,” “7 rings,” and “thank you, next.”

Ariana has been releasing these singles on a whim, making music and then letting fans listen without a ton of traditional pre-marketing. However, the power of Twitter and Instagram stories along with her devoted fanbase have boosted the singles into becoming instant hits.

“Thank you, next” was catapulted into the Top 100 number one spot for a total of seven weeks.

Her success isn’t accidental.

People love her authenticity, and ability to transform her life into a work of art that are her albums. Ariana is completely authentic and isn’t afraid to show that by taking risks in her music.

For example, one track off of sweetener was named and devoted to her then-fiance. Even though they are now not engaged, that rack represented a happy moment in her life that isn’t something to be ashamed of.

No matter what happens in Ariana’s life, she will continue to be her “sweet” self.